We are a collection of folks who have devoted their lives to the Kurdish people, in places near and far.

Kani Book Club exists to serve the spiritual, cultural, and social needs of the Nashville Kurdish community.

Why Nashville? We live here and Kurds live here, so many in fact that it’s known as “Little Kurdistan.”

Why Kurds? To put it simply, God loves Kurds.

Why now? The community is still growing and changing and we want to help in that often painful process.

Our name comes from the Kurdish word for spring (kani), a reflection of Jesus’ hopeful words to a needy woman in search of water.

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“Belê ew ava ku ezê bidim wî, wê di dilê wî de ji bo jiyana herheyî bibe KANIYEKE ava ku diherike.” – Yûhenna 4:14
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«بەڵکو ئەو ئاوەی من دەیدەمێ تێیدا دەبێتە کانیاوێک و هەڵدەقوڵێت، ژیانی هەتاهەتایی دەبەخشێ.» مزگینی یۆحەنای ١٤:٤
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«ئەو ئاڤا ئەز ددەمێ، د وی دا دێ بیتە كانیەكا ئاڤێ، كو بزێت و ژیانا هەروهەر بدەت.» مزگینیا یوحەننای ١٤:٤
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“the water I give them will become in them a SPRING of water welling up to eternal life.”- John 4:14
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